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CP Pistons are installed. High-strength forged racing pistons deliver maximum reliability and performance in high boost & turbo applications. Optimized dome design, improved lubrication hole placement, premium low-friction ring package, tool steel wrist pin & carbon steel wire locks ensure added reliability in high horsepower engines.

RIVA Pro-Series Cylinder Head Stud Kit is installed. Stud kits reduce fatigue on threads in cylinder head while dramatically increasing reliability through more accurate & consistent torque loading. More uniform clamping force on head gasket helps prevent blown head gaskets and ensures optium engine sealing..

RIVA Pro-Series Cylinder Head Gasket is installed. Developed to withstand the severe heat and pressure generated by high-boost and high horsepower applications. Durable three layer stainless construction is Viton coated and embossed to resist corrosion, improve sealing and promote event torque loading.

RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit is installed. Titanium valve retainers and heavy-duty valve springs increase reliability of modified engine by recucing the possibility of valve float at high RPM. To ease installation of Valve Train Upgrade Kit we offer a unique Valve Compression Tool that allows installation without removal of cylinder head saving you time and money.

Carrillo Connecting Rods are installed. Unique H-beam design is forged from an ultra high-strength alloy and rated to 500+ horsepower making these rods substantially stronger and lighter than OEM equipment; allowing your engine to rev quicker and hold up to the punishing demands of high boost applications.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.