ECU management

OEM ECU reflash

OEM ECU reflash

We offer:
  • Programming motor computers with existing programming maps
  • Accompanying program map according to the requirements of your machine in the request

Diagnostics (Seadoo only Bosch motor computers):
  • Erase Errors
  • Reset throttle position
  • Reset service history
  • Key coding

  • SeaDoo all models from 2004-2019
  • Yamaha (Fx Sho / VSHo, VXS, VXR, FZ, GP1800, EX, EXR) from 2008-2019
  • Kawasaki (250, 260, 300, 310, F15, F12, SXR 1500) Kawasaki 2009 -2019
  • Hydrospace
  • Boats (Williams, Zodiac, Avon,.... all Walbro based ECUs)
Standalone ECU

Across the years we work whit a lot of different ECU brands like Autronic, Link, Motec, Vi-Pec now stick whit Emtrom

  • Emtrom is a range of high-end engine management systems designed for a market that requires uncompromising flexibility
  • Industry-leading I/O count will ensure you do not have to make any sacrifices when configuring your engine and vehicle
  • All the ECU have dual 100 Mhz processors
  • Every unit is housed in a durable billet Aluminium enclosure
  • Includes 32MB permanent memory for on-board logging, 4-channel oscilloscope function, DBW control, Knock control using digital filter technology
  • High-speed Ethernet communications and 3-axis G-force sensing to name a few