RXT-X 255 STAGE 1 KIT 2008-09

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This modification delivers the maximum level of performance (+6mph) through easily installed air intake and pump enhancements. No internal engine modifications are required.

RIVA Performance Power Filter Kit is installed. Power Filter provides greatly improved acceleration and a 150~200rpm increase by replacing restrictive stock intake system. Features a large 3" diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element that feeds your Supercharger with a steady diet of cool air. Installs quickly and securely using a silicone coupler and sturdy bracket.

Solas 'R' Series Concord Impeller is a special performance impeller offered exclusively by RIVA and RIVA authorized dealers. This impeller is specifically pitched to our specifications using a pitch block to ensure accuracy. Billet impeller cone is included.

Worx Racing Intake Grate is installed. This intake grate reduces prop spin and cavitation while delivering enhanced acceleration and 2mph additional top-speed.

RIVA 2-degree Pump Wedge is installed. 2 degree wedge trims up your pump nozzle raising the bow of your craft for less drag substantially improving top-speed. Features a double-sided lip to retain silicone sealant and prevent cavitation.

RIVA VTS Extension Rod is installed. Allows maximum "nozzle down" adjustment after installation of RIVA Pump Wedge. Necessary with Stage I modification to trim bow down off the line while providing maximum top speed advantage when trimmed up.

OEM 83mm Reduction Nozzle is installed replacing the standard 87mm reduction nozzle. Smaller exit nozzle compliments the 15/22R pump impeller maximizing performance. Lucky 13 Pump Cone is recommended for fine-tuning pump calibration to maximize performance.

RIVA O.P.A.S. Competition Kit is installed. Kit provides more predictable handling characteristics while still retaining the off-throttle steering benefits of the O.P.A.S. by preventing the fins from dropping when pump is out of the water in choppy conditions.

NOTE: Use of premium octane pump fuel (91+) is required. RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.